Riganami has applied its drone flying skills to an R&D project under the H2020 program. The DURABLE project aims to develop a virtual cockpit for two main purposes. Firstly, it enables the remote manual control of drones in a realistic 3D environment, enhancing the pilot’s immersion and providing a similar experience to driving a car.

Traditionally, using a remote controller and observing the drone from the ground limits interaction and awareness when it goes out of sight. However, the 3D technology allows pilots to access a 3D map, various sensor feedback, and a rich cockpit interface resembling that of a plane. This enables a comprehensive understanding of the surroundings, including lidar point cloud feedback, putting the pilot in the drone’s perspective.

Secondly, this technology is also used for supervising drone swarms. Instead of a cluttered screen-based ground station, virtual reality offers the ability to create interactive 3D content for natural and efficient supervision, such as using a 3D map.

Thus, this technology achieves two objectives: remote manual drone control and mission supervision when needed..